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Pioneering the way with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) globally - Built to power self-provisioned dynamic network services

Leveraging the latest in Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology, Telstra’s PEN Platform (PEN) offers you the power to build on demand high-performance networks that are cost-effective and reliable – and that provide the complete flexibility and security you need to bridge hybrid cloud deployments.

PEN is the ideal platform if you are looking for a networking solution that can evolve with you in the age of bandwidth hungry applications, fuelled by distributed computing, big data and mobility.

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    Telstra's PEN Platform

    PEN is a globally connected Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform which offers organisations the power to build high-performance networks on demand that are cost-effective and reliable – and provide the complete flexibility and security needed to bridge hybrid cloud computing deployments.
    Telstra's PEN Platform

    PEN is a globally connected Software-Def...

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    Now that you have a brief introduction of PEN, you can now experience how PEN helps you to build high-performance networks on demand


    Reduce your networking costs


    An intuitive user interface makes managing your hybrid cloud deployments a breeze

    Being able to right-size networking flows for each application means you avoid overprovisioning and unnecessary costs. You pay only for what you use – PEN billing is based on the amount, quality and duration of your networking usage.

    Accelerate time to market

    With PEN, you can take an agile approach to network provisioning, meaning applications can be deployed to the users who need them, with the performance they require.
    You can manage networks using either the PEN Graphical User Interface (GUI) or an Application Programmable Interface (API) to create new flows, complete bandwidth upgrades, and extend contract terms as needed.


    Pricing is flexible, so you pay only for what you use, with no lengthy and inflexible contracts

    Easy hybrid cloud deployment


    Access to 26 PEN PoPs in 13 cities and 8 countries.

    PEN allows you to extend your organisation’s private IT environment to any public cloud vendor, for example, Amazon Web Services (AWS). We provide consistent network performance, secure and cost-efficient access through PEN to integrate seamlessly with the public cloud provider, creating a true hybrid cloud solution.

    Improve responsiveness with application-driven networking

    With PEN, network provisioning is fully automated, with time measured in minutes rather than months. You can dynamically allocate and scale the bandwidth required to support demand for your business needs and improve the user experience.


    Bandwidth can be provisioned against cloud bursting needs through our reliable network

    A global infrastructure you can trust


    Scale bandwidth from 1 Mbps – 10 Gbps

    PEN is built on Telstra’s global network – one of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced with terabytes of capacity. The service is available globally in 26 PEN points of presence across the Asia Pacific region, Europe and North America, with additional connectivity options into public cloud services.


    Choice of bandwidth and performance options

    Build network flows based on bandwidth levels from 1Mbps to 100Gbps and choose from low, standard or best-effortlatency options.

    Complete management via the PEN GUI

    Manage network flows via an intuitive, web-based portal that can also be accessed through an Application Programmable Interface (API) for even greater control.

    Renewal options

    Set renewals based on an hourly, auto-disconnect or auto-renew basis.

    Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) options

    Deploy virtual firewalls and virtual routers directly in seconds from the PEN GUI.

    Connection to public cloud providers

    Maximise innovation and flexibility by creating a gateway to hybrid cloud deployments.


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