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Creating Transformative Innovation for Banks and Financial Institutions

To succeed globally, banks and financial firms need to move faster, adapt to change, and drive digital solutions to the core of their businesses. That’s why Telstra creates transformative innovation that empowers organisations to thrive.

Telstra enables financial and technology ecosystems to connect and collaborate using the best, brightest, and most disruptive ideas. By delivering services in more personalised, predictive, and intelligent ways our customers can look beyond the needs of today to the possibilities of tomorrow.

Exponential Performance in a Millennial, Mobile and Programmatic World

Technological innovation has had a spectacular effect on financial services over the past decade. But while change can create deep disruption, it also provides valuable opportunities for companies to achieve ‘exponential’ growth – defined as growth on a global scale with output at least 10 times that of an organisation’s peers.

Millennials are taking over as the most digitally connected and economically powerful generation in history. Indeed, by 2028 they will become the main profit source for financial institutions. Financial services firms have the opportunity to digitally transform their business now to take advantage of the coming shift in market power toward Millennials.

Our latest report offers insights to help your organisation become an exponential performer by addressing three important questions:

  • How do Millennials and mobile technologies collectively influence exponential growth?
  • How can legacy business models transform to perform in an exponential world, and what are the inflection points that will drive these transformations?
  • What technologies enable an institution’s transformation for exponential performance?
Creating Transformative Innovation For Banks And Financial Services Organisations Form

The low-latency route to a data-driven future

Our world today is increasingly driven by the need for data, now regarded as the new ‘oil’ in our digital era. This has resulted in the proliferation of high-speed networks across many industries, including the wider financial services sector to support the fast transmission of data, enabling players and vendors to innovate, reach new markets, as well as strengthen their data capabilities to support business automation.

In this article, Telstra’s Director of OTT and Emerging Markets, Paul Abfalter, looks at how global network providers are responding to these changing trends and addressing future needs.

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Network banking functions

Banks today are complex organisations, operating across a wide range of business areas, including capital markets and investment banking, retail banking, and payments.

Each of these business subsectors, as well as the bank's central cross-sector functions, have different networking needs. Telstra offers a variety of network solutions to support their evolving requirements.

Learn more about how and where those networking solutions fit in to today’s banks in this infographic.

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Telstra insights

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Blockchain for financial institutions

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Can big data deliver a big future for banks?

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Building bridges to the future

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