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As a Telstra Service Provider, the Service Provider Portal is your gateway to all the information you need to sell Telstra services. Through the portal you’ll find:

  • details of our Accreditation Programme and how you can become a Telstra Service Provider
  • the product portfolio available to each Service Provider tier
  • an online quotation request form
  • downloadable documentation for Sales Orders and Service Terms
  • the help and support available to you as a Service Provider

Becoming a Telstra Service Provider opens a wealth of opportunities focused on helping your business sell quickly, effectively and profitably. Using Telstra’s excellent product base you’ll be able to deliver innovative, market-leading solutions locally, regionally and internationally, via Telstra’s Tier 1 global network.

If you are already a Telstra Service Provider please access our portal here

"Working closely with Telstra, we have benefited from being able to use its facilities and tap into the expertise of a Tier 1 carrier for marketing and support, allowing us to focus on the development and growth of our business."
John Massey
Managing Director, Actimax plc.

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