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Telstra Advanced
Security Analytics

Find today’s most insidious threats,using tomorrow’s most advanced analytics and anomaly detection.

Where the unknown unknowns come to light

You know how to spot the tired attack methods of yesterday; it's time to bring the unknown unknowns to light.

The Problem

  • Organisations in every vertical face a shortage of skilled security analysts
  • Lack of machine learning in modern security analytics solutions limits the type of threats presented to analysts
  • The most damaging security events stem from vulnerabilities and attack methods never before seen
  • Lack of intelligent threat prioritisation prevents analysts from addressing critical threats in time

The Solution

  • Telstra ASA applies a range of advanced detection methods to a variety of data sources to provide full coverage of events across the network
  • Telstra ASA uses machine learning to intelligently prioritize threats for investigation to eliminate false positives
  • Telstra ASA surfaces the 'unknown unknown's across the network, automatically connecting critical details, so security experts can stop data gathering, and get back to data analysis

The Telstra ASA Difference

The most successful security analytics solutions must balance strong data science and threat expertise in order to surface relevant hidden threats. Without an intuitive means of visualizing and exploring alerts, analysts may miss the potent security threats. The three components of ASA: Detection, Fusion, and Discovery, ensure analysts are equipped to quickly and effective tackle the highest priority threats.



Is different to other detection capabilities. Trying to configure detection technologies to find specific outcomes, means you will never find the unknown threats. ASA finds the unknown unknowns by detecting anomalies.

ASA Detection is a set of the most advanced unsupervised machine learning algorithms available – a new approach to detection where the data speaks for itself to highlight the anomalous.



Then aggregates common behaviours creating a single view of sophisticated, co-ordinated attacks on your enterprise.

Fusion ensures the best use of analyst time by directing users to the most important and highest risk threats to your business.



UI makes analysing and exploring anomalous activity and compromise easy, using leading data exploration and visualisation tools.

This helps analysts to reach informed conclusions fast.

How ASA works: the complete picture

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The Telstra ASA Difference.
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