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Vblock System

A converged private cloud with hybrid flexibility


Vblock Systems provides a single converged infrastructure solution that empowers your business with extraordinary efficiency and agility. Effortlessly combining world-leading Cisco compute, VMware virtualisation and EMC storage, the cost-effective platform helps to reduce risk and is fast to deploy.

Vblock Systems also offers high performance and the assurance of a single point of accountability. With Vblock Systems you can choose to keep your infrastructure on premise or collocate it at one of Telstra’s data centres.

The platform is also pre-integrated, tested and backed by full management and support, meaning you can liberate your workforce and deliver more to your customers.

Benefits and features

Enhance your end user experience

Optimise your mission-critical applications with Vblock Systems and get the performance, agility and efficiency for your business to thrive.

The future-proofed platform provides a dynamic pool of resources that can be intelligently provisioned and managed to address changing demands and harness new business opportunities.

Improve efficiencies and lower costs

Simple to implement, deploy and maintain, Vblock System’s pre-packaged modular architecture helps reduce your total cost of ownership and operating costs.

Through Telstra, you can also convert the capital expenditure associated with the platform to a monthly payment. Get predictable performance while dramatically reducing time to market.

Ease your adoption of hybrid cloud

Combine your Vblock System with Telstra’s Cloud services to create a hybrid environment that meets your requirement for extra capacity in the cloud – and your privacy and compliance needs on site. Make your existing assets work harder and scale cloud for new projects.

Move seasonal, fluctuating or web-based applications to the cloud with little effort.

Liberate your workforce

Reduce the complexity and cost of maintaining on-premise infrastructure with a fully managed service. Telstra and VCE combine our network and managed services expertise to ensure the highest performance levels for your mission-critical workloads.

Best in class components

Engineered, architected, and hardened according to best practices for each component and enterprise-grade business objectives – all delivered as a single, standardised, highly secure, market-leading infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud with Telstra’s PEN Platform

Use the latest in Software-Defined Networking technology to bridge hybrid cloud deployments between your Vblock System and public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services with a completely scalable network solution.

Pre-integrated, tested and validated

Can be quickly deployed, easily distributed, and counted on to help reduce risk and improve the predictability and timeliness of IT projects.

Fully managed service globally

Frees you from the complexity of managing patches and updates from multiple vendors – plus lifecycle system assurance to ensure technology interoperability over time.

End to end visibility and control of your cloud and network services

With a single point of expertise for sales, service and support.

Range of upfront and rental options

Opt to purchase the infrastructure as an upfront fee, with management as an ongoing recurring charge, or rent the infrastructure over a longer term.



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