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Global VoIP


Reduce business costs by routing international calls via your global data network with Telstra’s Global VoIP solutions. You can further save money and simplify administration by servicing your call centre or conference centre customers via our Global VoIP Inbound offerings. These include our Global VoIP International Toll-Free (ITF) Inbound and Direct-Inward-Dialling (DID) Inbound services. Telstra’s Global VoIP solutions are easy to deploy and administer, and available with our IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) or our Global Internet Direct (GID) service.

Benefits and features

Connectivity to more than 200 countries and territories

Empower your business with genuine flexibility and scalable bandwidth with access to one of the world’s largest voice networks. Our network, one of the most technologically advanced in the world, also offers redundant paths to multiple destinations, ensuring continuity of service.

Low cost, manageable voice communications

Save money on your international calls with our competitive rates for inbound and outbound calls, based on projected usage, helping you to better manage your voice communications. Reduce the cost of call centre, helpline and telemarketing communications while enjoying the benefits of our large international network.

Simple administration for all global telephone calls

With a single rate table for international calls, your IT managers will be able to save time, improve productivity and budget more accurately. All international call costs can be logged onto a single bill and accessed through a secure online portal for easy administration and reconciliation.

Inbound international call routing – ITF and DID

Offers you a choice of inbound ITF in over 120 countries or DID in over 70 countries, and direct PSTN interconnections.

Outbound international call routing

Offers you a choice to make VoIP outbound international call from 37 countries to any fixed or mobile number in 240 destinations across the globe

Call rates by usage

Reduces billing complexity and provides you with rates for a high level of voice quality and reliable call completion.

Built-in resiliency and secured dual Session Border Controller nodes

Highly resilient global IP based platform with defined service level target and dual interconnect links ensures redundancy, gives you confidence in the service reliability and continuity

Support for voice, fax and modem calls

Enables you to continue to communicate in the way that best meets your business needs.

Online reports on usage and call details

Makes it easy for you to view, manage and understand bills.

24/7 customer service

Access technical support around the clock.



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