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Flat Planet - Virtual Contact Centre

As one of Asia’s leading providers of virtual talent services, Flat Planet relies on cost-effective, world-class communications to enable business success.

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Customer engagement

We help you deliver brilliant experiences to your customers through choosing and combining the right selection of global applications, platforms, professional consulting and managed services. Telstra solutions are backed up by deep expertise and dedicated support tailored to your business, allowing you to develop personalised relationships with customers, understand why they are connecting with you and be more responsive to ongoing changes in the market. Our portfolio of customer engagement solutions cover simple to highly complex deployments, offering value-add enhancements and deep insights that deliver personalised relationships, customer insights and help organisations be more responsive to customer needs.

Employee effectiveness

We make it easy for you to give your workforce access to the tools they need, when they need them. Promote employee adoption and satisfaction as well as retain top-performers through flexible ways of working. Drive innovation for your business by encouraging teamwork and collaboration and enable faster decision-making using integrated tailored productivity tools. We help you manage the complexity and risks of managing a mobile and virtual workforce with our range of integrated, high-quality and highly secure apps, cloud and collaboration solutions. You can control and deploy security policies across registered devices, coupled with clear and predictable monthly costs and the ability to scale as needed.


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