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Achilles Information Limited - Colocation

As an expert in supplier management, Achilles Information Limited knew exactly what it needed from its telecommunications supplier. Telstra International has lived up to the company’s high expectations, delivering reliable services for more than ten years.

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Programmable network

What if you could deploy virtualised network services around the world at the click of a button? What if you could connect to private and hybrid clouds with set security policy controls and customise your network topology to suit your business, in real-time from a single platform.  What if you could trial solutions that could solve your most pressing business issues in a low-cost, iterative, ‘fail well’ environment? It’s time to redefine how you create, consume, and adapt connectivity for your organisation with a Programmable Network . This is a network for the digital age – driven by software, and network function virtualisation (NFV) . Respond quicker to customers and changing market dynamics with next-generation agility, flexible consumption of services, and automated provisioning of network services, all on a pay-as-you-go model.

Branch connectivity

We advise you on, and offer, connectivity solutions that empower you to deliver better application performance, effective collaboration, and better business outcomes through a fast, reliable and secure end-to-end solution owned and managed by Telstra. We enable you to minimise business interruptions and improve performance for your end-user with the visibility and tools to monitor, control and optimise traffic. Our managed network services and equipment help make it easy for you to deliver the best possible experiences to your end-users. You can leverage transformative technologies because we’ll help you connect seamlessly and securely to your chosen public cloud platform. We can help your business make the most of IT spend and adapt to changing business needs by making it easier to access collaboration tools and applications. You can further optimise your IT resources, deliver better performance and simplify management with Telstra’s tight integration of data carriage solutions and managed devices.

Hybrid Cloud

Leveraging our expertise and investment in network technologies and our people, we are creating your hybrid technology platform of the future. We are knitting together public and private cloud platforms with low latency networks, virtual storage, cloud management platform, and software-defined networking to create one integrated secure hybrid technology platform. It delivers a consistent, seamless network-cloud-application experience that empowers organisational agility and innovation, and helps IT become a valued service provider to their business.


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