Enabling our customers to thrive in a connected world


Telstra is one of the leading telecommunications and technology companies offering a wide range of services globally.  We bring innovative technology, capability and talent from around the world to enable our customers to thrive in a connected world. Telstra’s heritage is proudly Australian, but we have a longstanding international business with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. 

Today, we have over 3,500 employees based in 20 countries outside of Australia providing services to thousands of business and government customers.

Our customers are global, our people are local and our assets are anchored in Asia. Over several decades we have established one of the largest subsea cable networks in Asia-Pacific, with a unique and diverse set of infrastructure that offers access to the most intra-Asia lit capacity and largest subsea cable system in Asia Pacific.

The network plays a crucial role underpinning the digital economy in Asia-Pacific, meeting the needs of wholesale and enterprise customers around the world. We also provide sophisticated network application services and have growing interests in software, video delivery, e-commerce and health. 

Growing our business globally is a strategic priority for Telstra, and we are focused on being the leading service provider for our customers across Asia-Pacific. We are also seeking to leverage our capabilities and assets to capture connectivity opportunities in industries where technology is creating competitive disruption.


Global Enterprise and Services

We empower business and government customers with innovative technology solutions including data and IP networks, and network application services, such as managed networks, unified communications, cloud, industry solutions and integrated services. These services are underpinned by our subsea cable network, with licences in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and access to more than 2,000 Points of Presence (PoPs) in more than 200 countries and territories globally.

Our joint venture in China, Telstra PBS, offers IP VPN connectivity services, together with state-of- the-art data centres.  In Indonesia, our joint venture with Telkom Indonesia, telkomtelstra, offers a suite of network application solutions to domestic enterprises and multinationals.


New growth businesses

We are developing opportunities in industries where we see evidence of technology creating competitive disruption such as in health, intelligent video and e-commerce.  We are focused on high growth opportunities in technology and solutions that leverage Telstra assets and enable us to empower our customers in new and better ways.

We have a growing video analytics business through Ooyala, a US-based subsidiary of Telstra that is a leader in video streaming and analytics.  Our venture capital group, Telstra Ventures, invests in breakthrough companies that complement our company strategy. Since 2012, Telstra Ventures has invested in around 30 technology companies in Australia, the United States and Asia. This portfolio of mature start-up investments is in addition to our work with entrepreneurs through our start-up accelerator muru-D which operates in Sydney and Singapore. Telstra is also the largest provider of e-health services in Australia and offers health services in Asia and the UK as well.


The leading network

Our network now extends to more than 400,000 kilometres, which gives us the reach to serve enterprise, government and wholesale customers across Europe, North America, Africa and all of the Asia-Pacific region.  The diversity of our network and our position as an owner operator of a number of routes offers customers greater confidence in the redundancy of the network, particularly in the face of external disruptions, such as extreme weather.

Telstra’s submarine cables connect to almost 60 data centres, the largest integrated data centre footprint in Asia-Pacific.  We also operate four world-class Telstra teleports that cover two thirds of the globe and access to partner teleports to reach over 40 satellites globally.

The network has also been independently recognised as a leading provider of low latency and high capacity international connectivity in Asia-Pacific. It also harnesses the latest technologies to improve speed and flexibility such as 100G Wavelength and Telstra PEN, our software defined network platform.


Telstra Partner Program

Successful digital partnerships between organisations enable the development of new capabilities, access to new ideas, faster innovation and quicker times to market. Global companies are seeing returns in the form of increased profitability, new customer acquisition, new product development, enhancement of their capabilities and entry into new markets. The Telstra Partner Program can help you see the power behind digital partnerships that enables you and your business to gain advantages in this hyper-competitive environment. The program accommodates different partner levels and business models that fit your needs. Telstra is the partner you need to grow your customer base, accelerate your profit and create demand for your brand into, out of and throughout Asia. Link to Partner Program page.