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Disruptive Decision-Making

Better ways to shape your digital transformation journey

Making the right call is important in digital transformation. What contributes to good digital decision-making?


Managing and implementing a digital transformation project can have wide-ranging consequences for an organisation. Yet with so many options available, the pace of change so unrelenting and complexity increasing with every new innovation, making those decisions is hard.

Telstra sought to understand how business leaders around the world make digital transformation decisions. What contributes to good digital decision-making? And, what is holding organisations back from making better decisions that deliver tangible business benefits?

To determine this, we polled 3,810 organisations in 14 markets around the world to find out how organisations rated their digital transformation decisions and highlighted what outcomes they seek to achieve. We also researched organisational priorities for digital transformation projects, and their performance in achieving those goals.

Through this, we uncovered valuable insights into where organisations believe their decision-making strengths and weaknesses lie, how decision-making influences business outcomes, and where organisations can focus attention to improve their initiatives and achieve their goals.

We hope these insights will help you better shape your organisation’s digital transformation journey.

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Global findings infographic

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Asian Digital Transformation Index 2018 report

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