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Optimise your enterprise journey to Hybrid Cloud

To succeed in the digital age, organisations are striving to find the balance of maintaining compliance, whilst enabling innovation.

Hybrid Cloud has emerged as the preferred solution, for creating the bridge between private infrastructure for critical legacy applications to cloud-native applications that leverage public cloud flexibility and scale.

However, Hybrid Cloud is not without its challenges and fortunately we can help. Whether it’s design, migration, compliance, or connectivity, Telstra provides the expertise to optimise the Hybrid Cloud journey, building your business technology platform for the future.

Download Telstra’s 2018 best practice guide to Hybrid Cloud

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Within this guide we map out the four stages of Hybrid Cloud adoption and set out a blueprint for success at each stage. Simply fill out the form below to access your copy.

Reducing Complexity in the Hybrid IT World

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In our exclusive insights report with 451 Research, a global research and advisory firm, we explore what organisations need to consider to be part of the third of surveyed companies to leverage cloud for business projects and ensure the optimal use of a blend of cloud and non-cloud resources. Download to find out now.

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Your business wants to move services to the cloud - now it’s the time to consider a plan. Assess how to define success, from the difficult questions to ask your business, to whether you should manage migration in-house or outsource it. Read our comprehensive, step by step guide to plan effectively

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Learn why you need a hybrid-ready network and how you can get it. Your connectivity determines the performance of your hybrid cloud environment, maximise its potential and ‘cloudify’ your network.

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When migrating to a Hybrid Cloud, consider the governance and security procedures in your environment to help improve performance and minimise risk. You can retain visibility and control over access and application use, helping secure your business.

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In Hybrid Cloud environments, data can become fragmented across different applications and clouds, making it harder for you to get the most out of your assets. You can maximise the value of your data and avoid data sprawl, avoiding further costs and complexity.

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Hybrid Cloud problems we solve

Image Description

Preparing your migration

Design a long-term Hybrid Cloud strategy

Image Description

Hybrid ready networking

‘Cloudify’ your network to optimise your IT

Image Description

Compliance and performance

Get visibility of cloud usage and performance

Image Description

Maximising your data agility

Avoid data sprawl by keeping data agile

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