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Global Media Network

Reach new markets and take your content places it has never been before with global media contribution


Global Media Network is a media contribution solution for live, linear and file-based video content. Ensure audiences experience your brilliant content the way you intend. Global Media Network empowers you to contribute media content via satellite and/or fibre networks through our strategic Points of Presence across Asia, Australia, US and UK, along with our state of the art Broadcast Operations Centre in Sydney. Our online portal and dedicated bookings team ensure that contribution has never been easier. You can now book when and where you want your content to go, with a choice in type of performance and service.

Benefits and features

Tailored and Scalable

Whether your service is permanent or itinerant, each requirement differs. Global Media Network is flexible and tailored to your needs. 

Agility at a known cost

Capitalise on the latest technologies without large upfront capital investments with our usage based pricing, helping you to minimise costs while ensuring your content is contributed reliably.

Peace of mind

Global Media Network operates over our global network via fibre and satellite on a fully redundant low latency network. We provide peace of mind with 24x7 monitoring, support and management from our Master Control Rooms in Sydney and Hong Kong, liberating your workforce to focus on driving business value.

Single Point of Contact

Avoid the hassles of working with multiple suppliers, Telstra Global Media Network offers simple and flexible services to deliver your content globally through a single point of accountability. With teams and offices based internationally, we are here to support your broadcast media needs. 

Simple scheduling

You can easily book your next contribution through our Telstra Global Media Network portal or via our 24x7 bookings team. Our portal and dedicated bookings team provide you with a simple booking method to schedule your contributions easily.

Global reach and reliability

Telstra Global Media Network integrates both satellite and bre networks to extend the standard reach providing you with exibility and choice over satellite and/or bre. Our strategic Points of Presence help ensure a fully redundant and geographically diverse reliable network.

Performance and management exibility

Tailoring your contribution to meet your business requirements is key to a successful journey. Designed around industry standards (SMPTE 2022) Telstra Global Media Network provides you with the exibility and choice in level of performance, management and format (i.e. MPEG-4) requirements.

Expert advice and 24x7 support

Our dedicated team at Telstra’s Master Control Rooms ensures your content is managed and monitored 24x7 by our media experts. Our team will provide you with support throughout your media contribution service.


Record any live or linear content passing through the network as well as other value-added services such as time-delayed broadcast feeds, store-and-forward (supporting le-based workloads) and compliance recording.

Video adaptation

Our video adaptation services allow the delivery of content in a different format in which it was acquired. Telstra Global Media Network provides conversion from National Television System Committee (NTSC) to Phase Alternating Line (PAL) and vice versa, allowing your videos to be watched by a global audience while meeting differing requirements easily.



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