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Leaders from the Asia Pacific telecommunications industry gathered in Hawaii last month for PTC’17, one of the leading wholesale conferences in the region. The conference theme was ‘Changing Realities’, a timely topic for the sector.

The rapid pace of change

There is no doubt our industry is changing, and it has been for some time. Carrier services have never been more in demand – consumers expect constant connectivity, and are using more data than ever before. Cisco predicts that global annual bandwidth demand will reach 2.3 zettabytes by 2020, the equivalent of 25 gigabytes a month for every person in the world.

We also know that further change is coming as new technologies mature. The continued adoption of Cloud, the emergence of Fog computing and the next generation of mobile networking (5G) that will power the Internet of Things is going to create a wealth of opportunities for carriers. Yet it will also bring further disruption.

Considering this tech-driven disruption, how can carriers develop strategies that put them in a position to thrive? By putting the customer front and centre.

Putting the customer first

By understanding what your customers want, you can pre-empt and adapt to market changes.

We are already seeing some carriers use the real-time reporting systems underpinning their voice and data services to offer new flexible pricing structures. Others are pursuing deeper personalisation of their services with, for example, data banks or roaming offers, so they can provide more compelling offers to audience segments. A third approach gaining momentum is the integration of lifestyle services, such as entertainment streaming or money transfers, that customers use.

Each of these strategies has something in common: they identify and address the needs of their target market to create a deeper relationship with their end-users.

For Telstra, putting customers at the forefront of our decisions means helping carriers and enterprise customers develop their own strategies by providing guidance on industry and technology development. That’s why we will soon introduce a new roadmap so our customers can see how we are developing services and solutions, and factor them into their plans. We are also improving the experience of doing business with Telstra, through measures such as digitisation.

The whole industry is transforming and we look forward to working with our international wholesale customers to help them thrive in a time of changing realities.