2 mins

Last month I played host to a man many would pay a pretty price to pick the brains of – Dr Hugh Bradlow. If you're not familiar with Hugh, he is Chief Scientist at Telstra acting as direct advisor to our CEO and our board of directors. Technology direction and disruption are his passion, and during his visit to Singapore, I took some time to soak up his perspective on unified communications and how this technology will evolve by 2020.

According to Hugh, mobile is no longer a nice-to-have option – it's a requirement and teams now require access to a mobile workspace at all times to ensure productivity remains high, regardless of what location and on what device they're working from. As with all dynamic regions, the mobile revolution will continue to take hold and encourage a more collaborative workforce.

Mobile workspaces have also become more prevalent and with it, the development of enterprise applications. These applications will enable your workforce to operate efficiently in this new environment with the "personal cloud" playing a large part in empowering workforces to be more productive as software-as-a-service takes centre stage.

Embracing the future way of work is undoubtedly going to have its challenges for our CXOs, many of these new workplace changes need to be championed from the top with leaders embracing new ways of working, inspiring their workforce to do the same – we're lucky to have a CEO who is not only present but extremely active on our internal social collaboration platform.

Through harnessing the power of the cloud, organisations are no longer restricted by geographical or technology boundaries, allowing organisations to think bigger and achieve more, Hugh also believes that the adoption of cloud will continue to evolve as cloud itself does the same. The potential of the cloud is perhaps not yet truly known, but as cloud adoption increases, more businesses will be enabled to embrace the future way of work, reaping the benefits of greater flexibility, access to information and productivity.

Of course, one size does not fit all – only when your workforce can create in an environment which suits their needs will competitive advantage be achieved.

At the end of the day, your workforce, your customers and your whole business ecosystem are all people demanding more and more access to other people and information and our hunger to consume content shows no sign of abating. Without enabling our organisations to better communicate and collaborate, we are restricting what is a natural progression of development and as a result will stop us from achieving our potential.

So remember, think big and don't restrict yourself to what you think is possible!

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