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A new Telstra service will provide world first assured availability and help keep people and businesses connected between Asia’s busiest subsea cable routes.

We live in an ‘always on’ culture where we expect to be able to connect anywhere at any time – whether it’s watching Netflix, connecting with friends and family on Facebook or shopping online. The result of this is rising demand for data and better connectivity, particularly in Asia.

Asia is now home to almost half the world’s internet consumers. It’s where tens of millions of new services are enabled every year, and where data consumption increased by 70 per cent last year alone. Central to this is a vast network of subsea cables which carry more than 99 per cent of international data traffic and keep us all connected to the internet.

While we expect non-stop connectivity, there are some areas within Asia that provide challenges particularly in the form of fishing activity, earthquakes and typhoons. Subsea cable damage can take weeks, or even months in extreme cases, to fix.

To reduce the impacts of cable damage, we’re introducing a new redundancy guarantee for our busiest subsea cable routes – Hong Kong to Singapore and Japan to Hong Kong.

The new ‘Always On’ service guarantee will use Telstra’s scale in Asia and market-leading subsea cable network to guarantee connectivity even in the event of a cable cut or damage due to a natural disaster. It means customers can be assured that all of their subscribed bandwidth – whether it’s 10GB or 1TB – can be supported on the same route in the event of a single or multiple outages on the primary path.

The scale and diversity of our subsea cable network in Asia puts us in a unique position to reroute traffic to another path with minimal downtime – within a matter of hours initially and with automation we expect to bring this down to a few minutes in the future. This is because we have one primary path and two protection paths over different cable systems along the busy Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan triangle.

This is good news for our customers who increasingly rely on more paths between locations to spread their risk and ensure they remain connected. This usually means engaging multiple service providers and paying for spare capacity that may not be used.

Our new ‘Always On’ service guarantee will mean our customers with high capacity needs can deal with one service provider, and not only save time and money, but also help to improve the experience they provide their end users.

Telstra’s ‘Always On’ service guarantee will be available in the coming months.


This post originally appeared on Telstra Exchange