As an expert in supplier management, Achilles Information Limited knew exactly what it needed from its telecommunications supplier. Telstra International has lived up to the company’s high expectations, delivering reliable services for more than ten years.

The Challenge

Organisations today have very complex supply chains and it can be both time-consuming and difficult to find the most suitable supplier from a long list of global vendors. Achilles Information Limited takes the risk out of this process, by providing procurement teams with information on suppliers who are pre-qualified, evaluated and monitored for their service performance. The company delivers a range of web-based services and provides online access to over 30 industry-specific supplier and buyer communities. Because Achilles’ business is driven by the Internet, the company requires a network that can provide high availability, reliable performance and guaranteed bandwidth. At the same time, Achilles needs to have a robust production environment to enable it to deliver services globally, 24/7.

The Solution

Since 2001, Achilles has housed its entire UK production environment at one of Telstra’s secure colocation facilities. The company’s production servers are predominantly virtualised and deliver web sites and web-based services to global users, around the clock. Achilles routinely moves data from the colocation facility back to its business sites to support its disaster recovery strategy.

In addition, Telstra provides Achilles with dedicated Internet Access lines from four locations: its colocation facility and three main business sites in Dublin, Abingdon and Aberdeen. These lines convey in-bound and out-bound Internet traffic, and support siteto- site VPNs for the company’s business data. Achilles also delivers services via these dedicated lines to its global offices in twenty two countries.

The Benefits

Due to the very nature of its business, Achilles is accustomed to evaluating suppliers, and it scrutinises the performance of its own suppliers very closely. Telstra has lived up to the company’s high expectations, time and time again.

For over a decade, Telstra has consistently met the needs of this successful global business. It has built up a strong business relationship with Achilles and demonstrated its ability to adapt and expand its services flexibly to meet Achilles’ changing business needs. Telstra’s colocation facility has provided a stable and scalable platform, from which Achilles has been able to successfully expand its services and global business operations.

Achilles is satisfied that Telstra’s services are competitively priced. The company also saves time and money from the convenience of having a single supplier for multiple telecommunications requirements.

Over the years, Achilles has enjoyed reliable, high speed connectivity together with 24/7 technical support. Unplanned interruptions in service have been minimal and, on the rare occasion that issues have arisen, Telstra has resolved them promptly in line with its Service Level Agreements (SLAs).