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Achieving operational excellence through global consolidation and transformation

The Challenge

With a geographically dispersed workforce, Braemar Shipping, one of the largest chartering, sale and purchase ship broking companies in the world, spans an impressive multi-continent presence across Asia and Europe. However the diversity of its office locations was mirrored by the complexity and variety of back office IT systems putting unnecessary pressure and inefficiencies on the Braemar Shipping IT team. These inefficiencies were causing high levels of latency and maintenance requirements across the organisation, resulting in slower business operations. Braemar Shipping wanted to make the management of the network easier -rather than working with multiple suppliers- and change the structure of the business to allocate resources to areas that needed it most. In order to achieve this, the organisation required a cost competitive proposal with predictable unit pricing that enabled budgeting for future growth.

The Solution

Telstra understood the importance of providing the right technical solution to cater for traffic volumes and applications which offered Braemar Shipping flexibility and scalability.

A fully managed global Multiprotocol Label Switching Network (MPLS) solution with a dedicated support team across all major geographies was implemented. This included managed customer premise routers for greater bandwidths and reduced networking overheads, which was present in the previous network.

The Benefits

The primary benefit of the network implementation has been the alibility for Braemar Shipping to streamline its operations and reap the rewards of increased efficiency and reduced costs on a global scale.

The business hubs, located around the world, can now communicate with each other and transfer necessary data with increased speed and reduced downtime. With each Braemar Shipping site now communicating quickly and seamlessly, this in turn means a more productive workforce and better service for its customers.

Braemar Shipping also benefits from real time and consistent reporting functionality, utilising the enhanced service monitoring which comes from its dedicated support team and single infrastructure. For example, if there are any localised issues at their remote offices Telstra is able to proactively alert Braemar Shipping and local IT staff. This means that the transparency the IT department has into its network performance allows a more responsive team, making more informed business decisions, even down to monitoring individual usage on a global level. Importantly, where Braemar Shipping now uses a private MPLS, it has significantly reduced the latency compared to running via an internet connection.

The time saved from decreased maintenance and troubleshooting managed by Braemar Shipping has led to an upturn in team morale, as well as creating extra time, previously not possible, to look for further ways to innovate and improve the system. Whether it be assessing charter rates and vessel values with their CRM system or receiving real time on the spot trading, this activity now contributes to driving an increase in the organisations bottom line.