As one of Asia’s leading providers of virtual talent services, Flat Planet relies on cost-effective, world-class communications to enable business success.

The Challenge

World-class voice and data networks supported by real time campaign reporting and systems integration are key elements for any virtual talent service provider. As Flat Planet started to accelerate its global growth they recognised that they needed a new customer service technology and network platform which would deliver greater functionality, operational agility and control. The new customer service technology system needed to be highly scalable to allow for rapid changes in customer demand. Real time control of the system was another key requirement – Flat Planet needs to be able to respond to changing circumstances within minutes, not days or weeks. The technology solution also needed to support the virtualisation of different in-country services into a single regional or global customer service platform.

The Solution

Flat Planet partnered with Telstra to manage its network services through Telstra’s Virtual Contact Centre (VCC) solution. Traditionally, application software and network were separate, but the marriage of both within Telstra’s VCC solution means that Flat Planet can offer a full solution to customers that combines state-of-the art technology Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) backed by highly resilient hosting, enterprise-grade, global voice and data network services and a single service level agreement.

VCC delivered a predictable cost model to Flat Planet that only paid for the number of agent seats used minus the hefty initial CAPEX and set-up fees. The flexibility of the solution allows Flat Planet to scale its technology platform according to customer demands within minutes without the need to procure new licences or hardware.

With VCC, Flat Planet now has greater control over its customer service experience as the solution is designed to be controlled and managed by the business users themselves who can effect additions and changes made on the spot. This means Flat Planet doesn’t have to rely on expensive I.T. departments or third party providers, hence, improving its speed-to-market and reducing cost.

The Benefits

  • Global cloud platform accessible by agents at different locations via secured internet connection
  • Pay-per-use commercial model offers predictable costs
  • Advanced inbound features allowing rapid response to dynamic environments and market demand
  • Advanced outbound features such as lead management and campaign, script editing, automatic call recording capabilities
  • Multi-device real-time reporting is available on desktop, mobile or tablet devices.
  • Rapid Disaster Recovery is provided as part of the standard solution.