Whether it comprises images, web pages, video, music, games, social media or software downloads; online content is getting richer and reaching further. Limelight Networks relies on the support and resources of Telstra to deliver dynamic content half way around the world, at lightning-fast speeds.

The Challenge

In the space of a few short years, internet, mobile and social initiatives have become the lifeblood of successful businesses. Organisations of all sizes have come to recognise the vital importance of delivering rich, informative and personalised content to global audiences in seconds. Limelight Networks makes this possible. A trusted provider of integrated cloud-based services, the company leverages a scalable, high- performance, global computing platform to offer a range of services for content management, media delivery and website acceleration. Together, these services help Limelight Networks’ customers build, manage and optimise their digital presence across internet, mobile and social channels. Today, Limelight Networks drives the performance of many of the world’s most highly trafficked websites by delivering their content over a dedicated fiber-optic infrastructure that is connected to more than 950 last-mile networks around the world. Since entering the Content Delivery Network (CDN) industry in 2001, Limelight Networks has prided itself on providing the network architecture to meet the evolving global demands of its customers. No matter how challenging the delivery requirements, the company’s infrastructure has always maximised the user experience through the rapid and reliable delivery of internet data, whether it be text or high definition video. So when Limelight Networks decided to further expand its global footprint into Australia and Asia Pacific in 2009 to cater for escalating demand, the company knew that its success in this dynamic, fast-growing market would depend heavily on the reliability and performance of its connectivity in the region. Without a world-class network, it would not be able to deliver the quality internet experience its customers had come to expect. Limelight Networks therefore had to find a telecommunications provider that could deliver a highly stable, scalable and cost effective connectivity solution.

The Solution

Limelight Networks selected Telstra primarily due to the strength and capability of its telecommunications facilities in the Asia Pacific region, combined with its superior global cable infrastructure. The company also knew that a strong relationship with its telecommunications partner would be crucial to its success and felt confident that it would be able to forge a productive working relationship with Telstra.

Telstra now provides Limelight Networks with a Global Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) service that connects Los Angeles in the USA with Sydney in Australia, as well as multiple point-to-point Global Ethernet Private Lines (EPLs) within Asia. In addition, Telstra provides local IP connectivity within Australia to rapidly deliver online content direct to users, whether they are using the Internet in cities or the outback.

The Benefits

Strong connectivity is critical to Limelight Networks’ business; without it, the company simply wouldn’t be able to expand its global market share. Telstra’s EPL and EVPL services consistently deliver secure and robust connectivity, with minimal packet loss, enabling Limelight Networks to meet its customers’ demands for exceptional reliability and speed.

By working with Telstra, Limelight Networks has been able to extend its private backbone into Australia for the first time and establish itself in this important market. Telstra’s EPL and EVPL services are highly scalable and this has enabled the company to easily expand the global services that it offers into Australia. With the expansion of its global network, Limelight Networks can now help its existing and new clients tap into the huge market potential in Australia, as well as win new business for itself in this region.

The value-added services provided by Telstra are backed up by outstanding customer support. Limelight Networks enjoys a strong relationship with Telstra at many different levels and appreciates the important role provided by its dedicated service manager. The company also has consistent contact with Telstra to discuss service provision and believes that one of Telstra’s strengths is its attention to detail in responding to queries and technical issues. Telstra provides 24/7 technical support and works closely with Limelight Networks to ensure that the services delivered continue to meet business needs.