Some of the largest companies in the world trust Merlin to provide exceptional I.T. support – and Merlin trusts Telstra. The company uses Telstra’s Voice over IP solution to deliver a cost efficient global support service and meet the high expectations of its clients.

The Challenge

Merlin provides outsourced I.T. helpdesk services, customer support and I.T. infrastructure support for large organisations that have customers or end users around the world. Every year it handles over a million inbound calls and responds to issues on everything from resetting passwords to troubleshooting virtualised server platforms. Merlin’s own I.T. technicians are based in six separate offices in the UK, Hungary, France, the USA and the Philippines, while its clients also have technical teams at many other global locations. The company therefore needs to be able to receive support calls from any location in the world and direct them to one of many global offices. To deliver a high standard of customer service, it has to be able to route these support requests both quickly and cost efficiently

The Solution

In 2009, Merlin appointed Telstra to provide a Global Virtual Private Network (GVPN) for its business and deliver Global Voice over IP (GVoIP) services. This decision paved the way for the company to replace three legacy telephone systems with a VoIP telephony solution and introduce a single communications platform for the entire business for the first time.

In addition to the GVoIP services, Telstra also provides Merlin with toll-free international numbers in more than 25 countries, so that its clients’ end users and customers can access I.T. support without having to pay international call charges. Over the years, Telstra has adapted and expanded the services that it provides for Merlin in response to the changing requirements of the business.

The Benefits

Telstra’s GVoIP service enables Merlin to deliver a consistent, high quality global support service for its clients’ end users and customers right around the world. When people pick up the phone and call their support desk, they dial a local or toll-free number which is answered by someone who speaks their language and understands their I.T. issue. Callers don’t necessarily know that their enquiry is being handled by someone in a different country; they just get the high level of customer service they expect.

All of Merlin’s employees, across all six of its global offices, now use the same VoIP telephony system and can pass calls to colleagues in different countries as easily as if they were sitting at the adjacent desk. Consequently, teams can work more productively and collaborate more effectively to deliver faster, more responsive customer services on behalf of Merlin’s clients.

One of Merlin’s stated business goals is to ‘strive to deliver the most efficient and cost effective solutions to our clients’. Telstra helps the company to achieve this goal by minimising telecommunications costs. The migration from traditional telephony to Telstra’s GVoIP service has led to substantial cost savings for the business, because it no longer has to pay for international calls.

The services provided by Telstra have proven to be highly reliable, enabling Merlin to meet its service level agreements with its clients. As a 24/7 company itself, Merlin is particularly appreciative of the 24/7 support provided by Telstra. It has had a very positive experience working with Telstra and consistently receives a timely response to any queries or support requests.