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Improving the customer and employee experience through Telstra’s IP VPN

National Mortgage Company (NMC) is a specialist in residential lending and mortgage servicing, with a fast-growing network of customers and partners across Australia. NMC processes over $100 million of loans each month and holds $4 billion in assets under management. The company handles all aspects of the lending and support process in-house, including product development, full loan assessment, and approval through to arranging settlement and providing ongoing support for the duration of the loan.

The Challenge

The Australian residential lending market is fiercely competitive. Lenders compete on price and are intent on reducing operational costs while still delivering better experiences to their customers throughout the home loan process.

Several years ago, NMC found itself under increasing competitive pressure as its main rivals outsourced back office operations to countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

In response, NMC set up an office in Manila, the Philippines, to provide administrative support functions. Jai Endersby, Head of Business Operations at NMC, explains the strategy:

“This helped us optimise our operations and gave our business flexibility. We needed a more cost-effective back office solution, but we also needed the ability to scale our support services easily as our lending business grew.”

However, NMC experienced connectivity issues between the Philippines and Australia due to the quality of the Internet connection at its office provider in Manila. Jai describes the difficulties this created:

“We lost a lot of productivity due to the poor connectivity between Manila and our servers in Sydney which meant staff in Manila were constantly dealing with outages, freezing and extended wait times for systems to update. This caused us to spend most of our time fixing problems rather than focusing on further enhancements to our systems. It was simply unsustainable for the business to continue in this direction with the challenges experienced.”

The Solution

With NMC already partnering with Telstra in Australia, the company asked Telstra to provide a solution to the connectivity problems affecting their global operations.

Telstra worked with NMC to scope out their business requirements and designed a solution based on a private IP Based Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) link. Telstra installed the fibre in NMC’s Australian sites (Sydney and Brisbane) and Manila, delivering a 10Mbps IP VPN connection with Multiprotocol Label Switching Customer Premises Equipment (MPLS CPE) on a managed services model.

As NMC’s business grew, it expanded operations in Manila and doubled staff numbers. Telstra helped make it a smooth expansion by doubling NMC’s link to 20Mbps in the space of only six weeks.

When NMC moved to a new location in Clark, 100 kilometres north of Manila, the project entailed moving 60 staff into a brand-new building. The site had no ICT facilities so Telstra worked with NMC and brought the IP VPN solution to Clark in 16 weeks . The new site has space for 160 seats and Telstra can scale the link up to 50Mbps whenever NMC requires more capacity on its network.

The Benefits

Telstra has been at NMC’s side during the company’s expansion journey, bringing expertise and technology to help them achieve their strategic business goals. According to Jai, “Telstra’s solutions have been game-changers for the business. Telstra has enabled us to scale easily when we have needed and delivered massively improved performance, especially in regard to outages. We haven’t had any outages or slowness since the IP VPN was installed.”

“Considering we have moved our operations to a new region, doubled our staff numbers and network capacity, Telstra has far surpassed our expectations,” he adds.

NMC’s network reliability has translated into a better experience for customers and staff. “We have true, near real-time co-working environments now because of our network. It means we can be much faster at responding to customer needs here in Australia. When customers contact us it feels like you are talking to someone in the same country because the call quality is very good,” Jai says. On working with Telstra, Jai says:

“The managed services model has been a huge positive for us. Knowing that I can pick up the phone to speak to my account team, and they’ll jump straight onto whatever request I have, enables me and my team to spend more time on improving our systems and operations, and help reach our business targets, and not get stuck firefighting all the time,” he says.

“Telstra also engages Insite, its business partner who provides our ShoreTel voice solution, on our behalf. I have one less point of contact to deal with, making my job a lot easier,” he adds.

Jai concludes by saying, “As we grow in Australia, the Philippines and in other markets, I don’t need to look anywhere else for our networking needs because, for us, Telstra is superior to anything else out there.”