Most organisations have a website to support their business. For Rightmove, however, the website is the business. This successful company trusts Telstra to deliver its market-leading website, from one of Telstra’s high specification colocation facilities.

The Challenge

Rightmove Group Ltd owns and operates the UK’s number one property website, The site is used by over 20,000 agents and developers to market properties in cities, towns, villages and remote rural areas right across the country. Home buyers need to be able to access the site 24/7 to view property descriptions and images, contact agents, look at nearby schools, and view the locations on a map. Consequently, the site needs to offer exceptional availability and speed. is delivered from three interlinked data centres, all of which are live, all of the time. Each data centre is served by a different Internet Service Provider, based in a different physical location and operated by a different vendor. This I.T. architecture gives the company a high level of in-built resilience, and only two of the company’s three data centres have to be available in order to meet the peak time requirements of the website. Following its launch in 2000, Rightmove had experienced exceptional growth. The company’s original data centre space could not be expanded, and this was understandably a cause for concern. To overcome the issue, and pave the way for continued growth, the company decided to find a new home for their data.

The Solution

In 2008, Rightmove migrated one of its three data centres from its existing provider to Telstra’s high specification colocation facility in London. The company now leases eight racks of space, which house over forty web servers. The Telstra-operated data centre is connected to Rightmove’s other two data centres via a 1Gbps backbone.

Telstra also provides Rightmove with colocation bandwidth to the internet, with 50 Mbps of guaranteed capacity and the ability to ‘burst’ through this limit, up to 1Gbps, if the website experiences exceptional peaks in traffic.

The Benefits

Rightmove is extremely pleased with the reliability and quality of service provided at Telstra’s colocation facility. Even though Telstra is a tier two provider and the other two data centre operators are tier three, Rightmove has experienced far fewer problems at Telstra’s colocation site than at the data centres provided by the other two organisations. The availability of Telstra’s ‘remote-hands’ facility has been of great use too.

Over more than three years, Telstra has delivered the website availability and speed that is so crucial for Rightmove’s business. The Telstra-operated data centre alone usually serves over 11 million pages in a day, helping Rightmove to meet the needs of 12 million unique monthly online visitors.

Rightmove believes that it receives a very high standard of service from its Telstra account manager and the staff at the colocation facility. The company likes the way that Telstra plans its activities and manages the facility in general. Whenever Rightmove’s engineers need to access the building to maintain or update the equipment, they can do so quickly and easily.