First it connected four offices; now it connects 36. Telstra’s Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) service has expanded effortlessly to meet the changing requirements of a successful firm of global recruitment consultants.

The Challenge

When Robert Walters started looking for a new telecommunications partner, its requirements were absolutely clear. It needed a global network that wouldn’t let users down and a partner that it could depend upon to provide a competitive and responsive service. On top of all of this, Robert Walters also needed a scalable solution that would keep pace with its ambitious plans for business growth. Robert Walters is a leading global recruitment specialist that delivers services to clients in the financial, commercial and industrial sectors. The company was expanding into the Far East and needed a more effective way to connect its new offices in this region with its headquarters in London. Its existing network in the Far East did not provide the reliability that the company required, and the service was not governed by a service level agreement. Consequently, users faced frustrating interruptions in their communications with other offices and could not always access the central back-office systems that are necessary for global reporting and business.

The Solution

After considering a range of different network options, Robert Walters decided to deploy an IP VPN solution from Telstra. Available worldwide, Telstra’s IP VPN service is fully managed and offers fast, secure and reliable connectivity.

Initially, Telstra provided an IP VPN with multi-point connectivity between the four nodes of London, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong. This network was quickly extended to six nodes to include Australia and a second ‘back-up’ link to London. Over time, Robert Walters gradually expanded the scope of Telstra’s network to connect new offices in the Far East and replaced networks from other providers in Europe and Australia. Today, Telstra’s IP VPN supports over 1,500 users in 36 offices worldwide.

The Benefits

From the outset, Telstra’s IP VPN service delivered fast global connectivity and high availability. Indeed, it was this consistent network reliability that led Robert Walters to gradually expand the Telstra IP VPN from four nodes to 36. Telstra’s network now serves the majority of the company’s offices, with the remaining sites being added to the Telstra IP VPN as they grow, along with new offices that the company plans to open in the future. The IP VPN service is very flexible and scalable, so can be easily extended to meet the emerging needs of this successful organisation.

Originally, Robert Walters had four Wide Area Network (WAN) suppliers, each providing networks in different parts of the world. Telstra has replaced the majority of these, and carries voice, data and video communications. Consequently, the complexity of Robert Walters’ telecommunications environment has been significantly reduced.

Robert Walters enjoys all of the convenience of a single point of contact and single monthly billing for its entire Telstra network, as well as 24/7 remote network monitoring through Enhanced Service Monitoring (ESM). The company also takes advantage of a range of online reports and statistics that are available around the clock. This facility provides the business with clear insight into network usage and performance, and makes it even easier for the I.T. team to manage the global network. Most importantly, Robert Walters believes that it receives a competitive offering combined with dependable and responsive account management from Telstra.