As an international law firm, SNR Denton has a responsibility to protect its clients’ data. It also has to ensure rapid data access for lawyers working around the world. SNR Denton outsourced its data hosting to Telstra and gained the network resilience and security that is critical for its business.

The Challenge

High data security and business continuity are two critical requirements for SNR Denton. The company is an international law firm with over 800 lawyers and a network of 14 offices spanning the UK, Europe, Middle East, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Africa. Whether the firm’s lawyers are advising a client on a branding deal or ensuring that a multi-million pound property sale runs smoothly, they need 100% faith in their data security and rapid access to information. When SNR Denton relocated from two London offices to its headquarters in the City of London, it reviewed its entire I.T. infrastructure. One of its major challenges was managing and securing its growing volumes of corporate and client data. A second pressing challenge was the need to replace its in-house disaster recovery solution to achieve more robust business continuity processes.

The Solution

After seeking advice from a network and I.T. infrastructure specialist, SNR Denton decided to outsource its data and selected a colocation hosting solution from Telstra.

For over five years, the firm has had exclusive use of a private data suite, situated within Telstra’s state-ofthe- art hosting centre in London’s Docklands. Providing over 82m2 of space, this private suite provides all the electricity and air conditioning that the business needs, together with round-the-clock building security. SNR Denton’s servers in the private suite are connected directly to Telstra’s high speed, fully redundant backbone to ensure complete network resilience and data security. In the future, as the firm’s requirements evolve, it has the ability to quickly and easily add whatever additional space and services it needs.

The Benefits

Outsourcing its data was a huge step for SNR Denton, but the company has no regrets. It has significantly reduced the complexity and cost of data management, whilst improving information security and boosting its disaster recovery processes. Telstra’s advanced cooling and power facilities have also helped the company to achieve maximum performance from its hardware.

Following the introduction of the Telstra colocation solution, SNR Denton has been able to free up valuable time within its internal I.T. department. As a result, its I.T. team has been able to build a new lab for testing new software patches, operating platforms and hardware before rolling them out across the company’s I.T. network. This has contributed to an improvement in the quality of service that the firm can offer to employees.

SNR Denton has complete confidence in the reliability and security of its data. Telstra regularly carries out simulated ‘black outs’ to check the resilience levels of all its systems and to make improvements. This gives SNR Denton the reassurance it needs that its data is in safe hands and available when it is required.