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A pioneer in customer relationship management, SPi CRM provides multi-lingual solutions that cover the full customer engagement lifecycle, with services that span voice, chat, email and social media channels. Some of the world’s leading brands entrust their customer relationship management and their brand equity to the company.

Headquartered in the Philippines, SPi CRM has 11,000 employees spread across 12 locations around the world.

The Challenge

SPi CRM operates in a competitive industry and it differentiates itself through its efficiency and high customer service standards. As such, the company is digitising its business to improve its operational efficiency and speed up its time-to-market for new products, while keeping service quality high. The latter is essential because industry contracts often have incentives based on the quality of execution.

“When we talk about improving efficiency and quality, we look at how we can increase the number of calls agents take, shorten the time it takes to deal with each call and increase the frequency by which we solve issues on the first call,” said Leonel Joseph “LJ” Lising, Associate Vice President for Operations at SPi CRM.

SPi CRM agents use client-mandated knowledge tools, usually web-based, to find relevant information for the caller. LJ explained: “For some tools, agents have to search through multiple files and folders for the correct information. This makes the process longer and more complex, and it requires around four weeks to train our agents. That’s a problem for us in such a fast-paced industry.”

The Solution

Transforming SPi CRM’s information management systems with Panviva

SPi CRM had been partnering with Telstra on connectivity solutions for several months when Telstra’s Business Technology Services (BTS) team introduced LJ and his team to Panviva.
Panviva is a cloud-based application that helps companies solve complex information access problems by delivering information that users need, when they need it. Where other knowledge tools return a document, Panviva returns an answer, displaying on the screen targeted search results that provide concise and precise information matching the context of the process steps.

For example, when the agent is filling out a form and requires more information on how to complete a particular field, he or she need only place the mouse cursor in that field and have Panviva provide information specific to that field – instead of a multi-page document which is common with other assistance systems. This enables the agent to be focused and responsive to the caller’s needs.

This intuitive user interface can reduce staff training times, which in the case of SPi CRM was brought from four weeks to as little as one. Additionally, Panviva provides detailed audit trails to support compliance measures, which seek to ensure that key processes and policies are being followed.

“When I saw the demonstration of Panviva, I was immediately impressed,” said LJ. “The way the platform refined the information it delivered made it obvious that it could help transform our operations. Having all the relevant information on one screen allows our agents to be more efficient and gives us a competitive edge. The fact that we didn’t need to build and integrate with every client’s existing knowledge tool meant it would be quicker and easier to deploy.”

Following the demonstration, Telstra worked with SPi CRM to run Panviva for one of its largest clients.

The Benefits

Delivering improvements beyond expectation

The implementation of Panviva was led by Telstra’s BTS team, which helped deliver a business solution that was fit-for-operations and consulted with SPi CRM on best practices in knowledge management and operational efficiency.

The Panviva roll-out exceeded the expectations SPi CRM set for improvements in call handling time and error rates. The average call handling time decreased by 20 per cent, while the error rate dropped by 66 per cent. The solution also reduced the number of clicks needed to progress each call by 52 per cent. The application was well-received by SPi CRM’s agents who gave the solution high scores in a post-implementation survey.


Describing the benefits of Panviva, LJ said: “Panviva is helping our agents to address customer concerns faster. By improving average handling time and reducing errors, we are improving the customer experience. More accurate tagging of concerns also enables us to advise our clients on the top problems their customers encounter, which is valuable business intelligence. And we can do this all from a one-stop solution in Panviva.”

These results have prompted SPi CRM and Telstra to discuss a wider roll-out with trials of Panviva for more of SPi CRM’s clients.

Telstra’s account director for SPi CRM James Godfrey said: “Our existing relationship with SPi CRM gave us the opportunity to understand the nature and scale of their business, and recognise how Panviva could benefit the company in terms of improvements to productivity, customer experience and business insights.

“This let us grow our partnership with SPi CRM from providing connectivity to recommending and implementing a solution which adds value to their business. We’re delighted to see how SPi CRM is benefitting from Panviva, and look forward to continuing to partner with them on their digital transformation journey.”

LJ concluded: “Consider one of our clients with more than 20 million customers, generating up to 10,000 inbound calls to our contact centres daily, and you can understand how a solution like Panviva has transformed our operations to create value for our business.”