At Telstra we understand the challenges faced by contact centres - because we have the same issues ourselves.

Contact management platforms need to be inexpensive to deploy, effortless to expand and quick to adapt to the unexpected. The Virtual Contact Centre (VCC) solution meets all these requirements precisely

The Challenge

Telstra is devoted to delivering a high standard of customer service and is constantly enhancing its technical support provision. It strives to provide a highly professional and responsive service for customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In 2011, Telstra’s Customer Network Services (CNS) operation decided to form a new centralised service desk function to meet the support needs of enterprise and wholesale customers.

It set up a new primary contact centre in Hong Kong, but its ultimate aim was to allow technicians based at locations all around the world to work together as a single, integrated support team. To facilitate the operation of this new centralised service desk, CNS needed to replace its existing contact centre software with a new solution.

Managers required improved visibility of call volumes and greater insight into call centre metrics, so that they could constantly review and improve service levels. At the same time, the business wanted greater flexibility and the ability to make system changes quickly, without having to rely on a third party IT vendor.

Critically, CNS needed a contact management solution that would enable it to withstand any kind of disaster and deliver a dependable, 24/7 service.

The Solution

Prior to the opening of the Hong Kong contact centre, CNS evaluated Telstra’s own contact centre management solution, called Virtual Contact Centre (VCC). Had this solution not met CNS’ exacting requirements, the organisation would have looked elsewhere; in fact Telstra’s VCC solution delivered all the capabilities and flexibility the business needed.

Delivered over the internet, Telstra’s VCC platform can be deployed in just days, unlike traditional on-premise solutions that often take months to configure and install. The software is highly flexible, enabling the contact centre manager to direct calls to different locations, add seats and change campaign scripts in minutes, without having to wait for a third party vendor to do it for him.

Telstra’s VCC solution provides managers with full visibility of their support operation and access to a wide range of real-time reports. They can access the system remotely, from anywhere in the world, to monitor call queues and outstanding customer issues. They can also carry out staff productivity assessments or analyse peak call times and plan staffing levels accordingly to ensure an efficient service for customers.

The Benefits

CNS considers Telstra’s VCC platform to be highly cost effective. The business was able to deploy the solution without having to make an up-front capital investment or upgrade any of the physical desk phones already in its contact centres. CNS simply pays a fee per user, per month and can easily scale up and down its subscription according to business needs.

Because Telstra’s VCC solution is delivered over the internet, CNS can employ it at any location in the world. CNS’ technicians in Hong Kong, London and elsewhere use the platform to work together highly efficiently as a single, integrated team. This helps the organisation to deliver a responsive, round-the-clock service for customers located in every global time zone.