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Insights for better IT investment decision-making


Apptio enables organisations to make better IT investment decisions and drive digital transformation, with a suite of pioneering technology business management applications.

Apptio helps CIOs optimise technology projects, and aligns them to strategic priorities by providing comprehensive measurements of cost and consumption across an organisation’s public cloud services, private cloud resources, and on-premise infrastructure.

Benefits and features

Understand and communicate the value of IT investments

Help your organisation align IT investments to its strategic priorities. Design and manage service options to address business needs, and shift the view of IT from being a cost centre to an asset, with detailed insights into technology cost and business use.

Optimise investments

Track and analyse the cost, efficiency, quality and performance of your assets, resources, applications and services, so you can continuously ‘right size’ your investments to deliver the most value.

Transform your technology business

Accelerate your business transformation and drive behavioural change, with a dedicated system to measure the use of your SaaS (Software as a Service) services. Apptio puts you at the helm of your business transformation with analytics on service cost, quality, usage, performance and risk.

Other Solutions

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