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Increase protection and trust


TeleSign is a mobile identity solution. It is easy to deploy and integrate into existing applications and workflows that combats fraud and protects your business.

The cloud-based service addresses the full spectrum of account security – registration, access, usage and recover -while streamlining the user experience to increase adoption, retention and trust.

TeleSign features phone-based and two-factor authentication, using a time-based one-time passcode sent over SMS or via voice call, and can be built into existing native mobile applications. TeleSign’s PhoneID fraud detection offers near real-time security intelligence on any number so you can safeguard against fraudulent activities.

Benefits and features

Secure accounts from being compromised

Authenticate and verify users in near real-time and ensure new registrations are legitimate users, not fraudulent accounts or attempts at bulk account creation. Prevent the creation of fake accounts that could be used for phishing attacks or other malicious scams and protect your business’ reputation.

Increase account protection

TeleSign helps to authenticate users through two-factor authentication, using SMS and voice messages or existing mobile apps via push notifications, code challenges or soft tokens. It removes the vulnerabilities associated with accounts secured by passwords only without hindering user productivity.

Assess risk and prevent fraud

TeleSign delivers near real-time security intelligence and data on phone numbers globally with reputation scores based on an assessment of the phone number’s attributes, usage and history. This gives your business the power to correctly assess risk levels, quickly verify transactions, block fake accounts and prevent eCommerce fraud.

Other Solutions

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