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Hybrid Cloud


High performance cloud that empowers your business to capture new opportunities and create competitive disruption
Scale your business quickly to reach growth markets
Enjoy increased computing performance and flexibility with shorter lead times

London Hosting Centre (LHC)

Secure, reliable and cloud connected co-location services at our London Hosting Centre

Cloud Computing (both public and private clouds) has emerged as a vital component of organisations’ IT setup alongside their traditional infrastructure. It is important that your data centre is able to bridge the gap between your IT infrastructure and Cloud Computing. Telstra’s London Hosting Centre is a cloud enabled and connected data centre that allows you to securely connect your hosted environment to public clouds such as Amazon Web Services or our Cloud Infrastructure through our software defined network. The best way to experience it is to see it for yourself. Request for a data centre tour today.”

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Speak with a London Hosting Centre (LHC) Expert

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