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Cloud Gateway

Simple and securely connect to multiple cloud environments – all from one place

Businesses today are making use of multiple applications (as many as 7151) to increase their productivity, each with different requirements and are hosted on multiple Clouds today. 77%2 of enterprises are adopting multiple Clouds to run these applications and each of these Clouds requires a separate connection. This results in the IT teams having to purchase, configure and maintain multiple connections. Traditionally, these connections are also based on fixed and rigid contracts that locks in businesses. Instead, Cloud Gateway makes it easy for you to manage and setup all of your Cloud connections according to your needs.

Cloud Gateway is a one-to-many portal that connects your corporate network to multiple Cloud services, making it easy for you to purchase, setup and manage multiple connections. From your private corporate network, you can choose to connect to “Bring Your Own Cloud” resources or subscribe directly from our Cloud Services Store. Cloud Gateway is flexible as it allows you to dynamically allocate bandwidth between your multiple Clouds depending on your needs. You can also provision network appliances like routers and firewalls virtually as we transition to a software defined network (SDN), cutting down long provisioning lead time.


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