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Cloud Management Platform

Change the way you deliver IT to your business with the power of multiple Clouds at your fingertips

Cloud Computing adoption has grown over the past few years. Today, 82% of companies are running multiple Clouds1. Many businesses have adopted a hybrid cloud approach with a mixture of Public Clouds together with their own Private Cloud deployments as they seek to find the right balance for their IT needs. However, management becomes increasingly difficult as the number of different Clouds continues to grow. Keeping track of the various Clouds spend, monitoring the workloads in each Cloud, governing the use of Cloud resources according to company IT policy and meeting end business user needs are just some of the expectations that IT faces.

Cloud Management Platform is a single integrated portal that manages multiple Clouds from Public Clouds to bare metal servers. It allows your end business users to self-serve the Cloud resources required while governed by the IT policy. It also makes it easier for the IT team to manage the business’s multiple Clouds and analyse the Cloud usage trends and predict monthly Cloud spending.


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