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Hybrid Cloud

Public Clouds

High performance cloud that empowers your business to capture new opportunities and create competitive disruption

Scale your business quickly to reach growth markets
Enjoy increased computing performance and flexibility with shorter lead times

Cloud Infrastructure

Connected cloud on a global scale

Telstra’s Cloud Infrastructure combines the flexibility of cloud computing with a world-class, high-performance, low-latency global network. It helps your business thrive and take advantage of new opportunities with consistent access to applications and the ability to deliver processes and deploy offshore disaster recovery solutions across multiple geographic locations.

With our Virtual Server Shared offering, your data is hosted on our secure and scalable shared infrastructure. You can choose to provide your own software or let us manage this for you.

With our Virtual Server Dedicated offering, you get all the benefits of cloud computing with the added security and flexibility of a dedicated environment. You can virtualise the servers or use the whole environment and scale as your business grows.

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Cloud 9: Hong Kong

Cloud Infrastructure Datasheet

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Download Cloud Infrastru...

Download Cloud Infrastru...

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