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Audio & Web Conferencing

Unified communications for an agile and competitive workforce

Effective collaboration from a range of locations and devices
Integrated applications for a single unified user experience

Audio Conferencing

Empower greater collaboration across your business with Telstra Audio Conferencing. Available 24/7 - anytime and anywhere, it lets your people create and conduct meetings on the move, without the assistance of an operator.

It’s easy to use and cost-effective for improved day-to-day collaboration. With less need to travel and the ability to set up calls on the go, communication is faster and productivity is improved.

You can choose between two options for your business: IP Audio, ideal for in-house meetings or Premium Audio designed for larger conferences.

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The Storm of Collaboration

Audio Conferencing Datasheet

Web Conferencing Datasheet

Cloud Collaboration Datasheet

Conference Access Numbers - UK Bridge for EMEA & US customers only

Global Conference Access Numbers

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