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Trader Voice

Voice communications for the modern trading room

Telstra Trader Voice will change the way you think about the use of voice inside and outside the trading room. It provides a fresh approach to voice trading; focusing on software rather than hardware; and on services rather than capital deployment. It empowers traders with effective voice trading communications from a single desk to a fully distributed global trading room, with the option to add or remove a ‘desk’ at any time or even provide trading cover for a desk in a different geography. Telstra Trader Voice also makes it easier to plan and modify a voice solution for the trading room so you have more time to focus on your core business.

Powered by enepath, Telstra Trader Voice is comprised of highly featured turrets and integrated voice recording withthe flexibility and agility that that comes with an IP platform. With maximum uptime, mobility and the processing of large volumes of calls with minimum delay, it supports trader productivity and business continuity regardless of location.



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