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EPL Express

Global connectivity that moves at the speed of your business


Move faster with the low latency and high-speed global connectivity offered by Ethernet Private Line Express. Connecting international finance capitals in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, the service is ideal for businesses that compete in today’s fast-moving capital markets.

Backed by industry leading service level agreements, EPL Express also provides significant benefits for cloud-service providers and other mission critical businesses that count on reliable, high-speed connectivity for their success.

Gartner, for the third year running, gave Telstra the highest product scores for High-Capacity Network and Low-Latency Network in Asia Pacific, two of the four Use Cases in the July 2017 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report for Network Services, Asia/Pacific

Benefits and features

Reduced risk for global organisations

When the speed and performance of a global network have a pivotal impact on your revenues, you cannot afford to take unnecessary risks. EPL Express safeguards your business by offering low latency, comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and low Round Trip Delay (RTD) – a safer option for those operating in diverse geographies.

Scalability when you need it most

Telstra is well positioned to support your needs wherever your business takes you, or whenever you are ready to expand. Highly scalable, EPL Express can handle the rapidly changing bandwidth demands characteristic of high-frequency financial trading and cloud-based services.

Get visibility of your current demands and plan for the future with the support of our monitoring and management capabilities. In addition, Telstra customers can get access to a more complete trading technology package with Global Financial Trading Solutions.

Strength in Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific region is a major growth area for high-frequency algorithmic trading. With 30 years of local experience, capabilities and infrastructure, Telstra can help you tap into new opportunities in the market to increase your revenue and expand your business.

Go 100% direct

Getting started couldn’t be simpler. Telstra unlocks the door to an excellent customer experience by offering all our EPL Express customers a single point of accountability.

With networks mirroring your ‘live’ networks on all routes across the globe, and advanced diagnostics capabilities, Telstra has 100% direct ownership for your experience at all times. Local teams with local expertise take care of you every step along the journey.

Low latency


  • Site-to-site low latency on every circuit.
  • Stringent Service Levels Agreements (SLAs).
  • Enjoy peace of mind with service availability and speed governed by agreed SLAs for RTDs on every circuit.


Site-to-site management

Gain clear site-to-site network performance visibility along with diagnostics capabilities.

Choice of bandwidth levels

Select the speed that best matches your business requirements



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