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EPL – Always On

An optional feature

With Telstra’s high capacity services, bandwidth availability service levels are guaranteed between Asia’s busiest sub-sea cable routes to ensure your business is connected.

Global network connectivity is the lifeblood of today’s tech-powered business. Your company requires a high-quality solution that is:

  • Reliable with a service-level guarantee for bandwidth availability
  • Capable of running mission-critical applications
  • Functional to avoid time-consuming network disruptions
  • Resilient to incidents like cable cuts, earthquakes and other natural disasters

If the above have crossed your mind whilst planning your high capacity connection, it is time to consider a high resiliency solution.

A network that looks like this won’t give you peace of mind:

A network like this provides better peace of mind.

Our ‘Always On’ solution, a new and optional EPL feature, scalable from 1G to 100G, is offered on three diverse paths (EAC, C2C, RNAL), which are routed across Telstra’s own sub-sea network. With a diverse, high-capacity sub-sea cable network, we are capable of offering this level of resiliency and assurance across Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

This solution addresses your diversity and redundancy requirement by offering an alternative to buying additional backup solutions, thus helping reduce cost. Telstra being your single point of contact helps minimise multiple contract signings and provides you with ongoing and timely pre-and post-sales support and expertise.



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