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International Private Line (IPL)

Highly secure and dedicated bandwidth to meet the needs of your business


International Private Line (IPL) offers world-class security and reliable bandwidth for your mission critical applications. IPLs are ideal for financial, information technology and professional services organisations that deal with sensitive data and require bandwidth between two key business locations.

Benefits and features

Highly secure inter-office links

Secure your data and ensure dedicated bandwidth for your mission critical applications with Telstra IPL. Control and manage your own network routing, protocols and security and configure your IPL to enable fault tolerance and service restoration for improved availability.

Global connectivity

As a leading global supplier of managed network services, Telstra can empower your business to thrive. We have an established presence throughout the Asia Pacific, EMEA and the America with particular strength in Asia.

Now with investments in Telstra Endeavour (TE), Reach North Asia Loop (RNAL) and the Asia-America Gateway (AAG), Telstra provides diverse, low-latency connectivity between the Asia Pacific region and the Americas.

Reliable service

IPL offers high standards of reliability with the ability to re-route traffic via a redundant path in the event of a core network fault. For companies requiring high-availability, configurations for protected IPL Services are designed to permit automatic recovery from a major sub-sea cable failure in fewer than 50 milliseconds.

This reliability is complemented by an aggressive Service Level Agreement covering service delivery, service availability and mean time to restore.

Predictable performance

Choose your IPL from a range of bandwidth options to precisely match the capacity needs of your current and future business. You can also prioritise traffic to your specific business requirements and experience predictable performance across all applications.

A wide range of bandwidths (E1 to STM64/OTN)

Choose from a flexible range of IPLs, with capacity from 64kbps up to 10Gbps.

Extensive global coverage

World-class network capabilities in 17 countries globally across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, as well as in growing markets in India, China, and the Middle East.

Protected and restored service options

Select more resilient and high-availability services for mission critical requirements.

Established relationships with local providers

Assures you of cost-effective local access and comprehensive incountry support providing critical diversity options for risk management.

Strong partnerships with other carriers – 25+ countries

Establish a Telstra IPL in locations where a direct presence is not possible due to local regulations or other restrictions, with the added benefit of a complete end-to-end experience and one point of contact for ordering, billing, and service management.

Service level agreements

Provides you with service levels for delivery, availability and RTD.

24/7 customer service

Access to specialist technical support whenever you need it.



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