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Global connectivity

Satellite Data Service

Extend the advantages of Telstra’s world class terrestrial global connectivity with our Satellite Data Service.

World Teleport Association (WTA) has published its annual rankings for the Top Teleport Operators of 2016. Telstra’s Satellite services has been included in "The Global Top Twenty""The Fast Twenty" and "The Independent Top Twenty" categories.

Empower your business with exceptional speed, coverage and economics
Connect remote locations with reliable and cost-effective performance

Satellite IP Trunk

Brilliant broadband connectivity for any geographical location

Telstra’s Satellite IP Trunk Service extends broadband internet access right to your offices even at the most remote locations. The solution is based on a point-to-point satellite link between any one of Telstra’s teleports and a distant end VSAT terminal located on-premise, or via a distant end teleport and a local loop last mile. Whether you’re running an enterprise or government organisation, or as a service provider, you’ll enjoy reliable internet access via satellite , connected to one of the largest internet backbones in the Asia Pacific, with international peering arrangements to minimise the total number of data hops required to reach a destination. The service is ideal for those wanting to provide broadband internet access and VPN services to their remote offices or field operations.

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Satellite Data Service Datasheet

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