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SIP Connect for Resellers

Enable your enterprise customers to converge their voice and data networks and build a pathway to unified communications


Telstra SIP Connect is our global SIP Trunking solution to replace traditional ISDN lines between on-site phone and unifi­ed communications. And the connectivity is delivered via Telstra’s global network through broadband ethernet only, by access options of using IPVPN, public internet or internet IPSEC where regulatory permits. All of your enterprise customers’ national and global voice and data offerings can be packaged onto one IP connection to the outside world.

  • IP VPN - SIP Trunking via IPVPN across two Network Node Interfaces (NNI) as primary and secondary backup solution.  Telstra offers two NNIs at a data rate based on the enterprise end-customer’s service requirements. A 100mb connection accommodates approximately 1000 channels.  The bandwidth can be increased dependent on service requirements to 1GE and 10GE respectively.
  • Public Internet - SIP trunking interconnect via the Public Internet with SIP signalling and Media (RTP) directed from the Customer Edge/border element at enterprise customer’s premises towards the public Internet interface of the Telstra platform.
  • Internet IPSEC - This Public Internet connectivity option ensures the voice activity is encrypted. In this architecture, the Telstra reseller connects their sites to Telstra via the public Internet with SIP signalling directed from the Customer Edge/border element at the customer’s premises towards the Telstra Gateway, and then onwards towards Telstra’s platform via MPLS. The Media (RTP) is directed from the Customer Edge/border element at enterprise customer’s premises towards the public Internet interface of the Telstra SBC.

With Telstra SIP Connect, your customers can enjoy access to in-country and international PSTN numbers and calling at competitive rates. Telstra provides one central SIP Trunking connection into our IPVPN, which you can deliver to customers. You can white-label any number of on-demand, low-cost, high-quality SIP Trunking solutions to support your customers’ voice and data communications.

Benefits and features

Cost savings

Enjoy up to 50% savings1 against traditional ISDN CAPEX and OPEX. Bene­t from low-cost IP connectivity with no call forwarding costs, and affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing.

1.Unifi­ed IT Systems, Building the Business Case for SIP Trunking Whitepaper.


Improve applications and solutions deployment. SIP Trunking offers faster and more efficient connectivity for unified communications, compared with legacy ISDN networking.


We offer disaster recovery assurance across primary and backup infrastructure. DIDs/calls/data can be re-routed instantly in emergencies to keep your business running.

Flexibility and scalability

Easily port numbers across regional/global sites (where permitted). Scale your number inventory up/down swiftly when required. Support high traffic volumes across modern IP platforms.

A trusted partner

Have the assurance of working with a global telecommunications provider that offers services in over 200 countries. Enjoy the support of our experienced team, backed by high-quality service level agreements.

24/7 technical support

We have 24x7 Proactive Monitoring of all voice platform systems to ensure we attend to faults in lead time where required, if any.

Provision for essential business calls

Support various types of business essential call services such as fixed/mobile, emergency, Inbound/Outbound, Fax/Modem, ITF/UIFN/IDD, national long distance call, interoperability and voicemail.

SIP trunk channels

1 channel = 1 concurrent call, available from 10 to 1,000 channels

DID numbers

You can purchase DID in number blocks and DID number reservation.

Number porting

Port numbers from previous suppliers.

Managed connection

Managed UC multiple site connectivity, NNI delivery, clear service demarcation, public Internet and Internet IPSEC.

Service coverage+

Australia • Canada* • Hong Kong • New Zealand • Singapore** • United States • United Kingdom

+In some countries, coverage may be limited to key cities only.
*Subject to regulatory clearance
**Singapore is not supported via the Internet



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