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PureCloud Contact Centre Genesys Powered

Enhance your customer engagement across all channels

Helping delight customers in every way

Telstra and Genesys have partnered together to provide a world class fully featured cloud based contact centre solution providing complete insights into your customers so you can anticipate their needs to offer a personalised and memorable experience.

How can businesses keep up with digitally aware consumers and the rise of omni-channel?

With PureCloud, you get a fully featured ready to go cloud based solution that covers all channels allowing customers to contact you how and when they want.

Why use PureCloud Centre Genesys Powered

  • Improve customer experience across channels—web, chat, email, voice and social
  • Personalise every interaction with full access to customer history
  • Easily manage routing to optimise workloads
  • Direct customers to the right agent for faster resolution
  • Monitor agents to ensure peak performance
  • Intuitive web interface accessed from the desktop or mobile Cloud hosted— deploy in a matter of weeks - phone and internet access may be all you need

You can also avoid large capital outlays, and ongoing maintenance costs. We look after everything for a simple, inclusive price.

Benefits and features

Offer a seamless experience

Easily respond and switch between multiple channels as needed.

Enrich experiences

Track customer history with Self Service IVR and CRM to personalise every contact.

Dynamically resolve issues

Identify customer frustrations and take action fast with optional analytics.

Optimise performance

Assign channel priority, set rules to direct customers, record, monitor and coach calls.

Easy to set up

Variety of network options available to meet customer requirements.

Adapt quickly

Easily gear capacity up or down to meet business fluctuations.

Manage on the go (supervisor only)

Control operations from the office or when mobile via a simple web interface.

Protect your investment

Works with most existing phone and CRM systems.


All data is stored and processed in AWS availability zones globally. The platform meets all industry standards to keep interactions and private.


Assurance from resilient operations with 99.95% target availability.

Subscription-based pricing

Includes all of the contact centre features and platform maintenance.

Choice of plans

Costs are based on a monthly price for a 12, 24 or 36 term, with the ability to burst capacity on demand. Global VoIP and network are priced separately.


For all channels - single queue or multiple queues


Workforce and quality management

Call and screen recording

For inbound and outbound

Historical Reporting

For both IVR and the contact centre

Pre-built integrations

For common applications such as SalesForce, ZenDesk, MS Dynamics

Open platform & APIs

Connect or create your own applications

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Cloud-based. Voice, touch phone, text to speech

Web, chat and email

With standard response templates

CRM integration

Screen-pop, plus full call control functions

Real-time analytics

Monitor queues and agents and respond in realtime



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