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Managed Networks


Our managed network services offering is designed to eliminate the hassle of building and maintaining your network. Telstra brings decades of international experience to give you the freedom and time to focus on your core business, while leveraging our world-leading global network.                                                                                                                                

Managed network services minimise organisational risk and provide improved control and visibility into your network. We offer deep network and solution expertise on the ground in every key market, freeing your IT department to drive strategic value for your business.          

Whether providing advice by partnering with your business or taking on management of tailored solutions, Telstra’s managed services provide insights to help businesses to make informed decisions and offer an exceptional end-user experience.

Telstra provides fully managed, optimised and secure network infrastructure with solutions to future-proof your business.

Solutions for Managed Networks

Telstra’s Managed Network Services optimise your IT and liberate your workforce, increasing productivity and cost efficiencies. Our managed service portfolio includes

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