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Global managed network services

Managed Network Services

Fully managed, optimised and secure end-to-end network infrastructure and services

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Rapidly improve productivity and realise cost efficiencies
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Create new business possibilities and improved user experience

Integrated Operations Management

Simplify management of your corporate network

Integrated Operations Management (IOM) helps businesses with complex and hybrid technology environments manage their entire network and multiple IP devices regardless of vendor. It provides you with and empowers monitoring, management, alerting and reporting all in one single view to remove the complexity of managing multiple vendors, carriers, technologies and applications.

IOM monitors, collects and analyses information from any simple network management protocol (SNMP) capabledevice to give you a comprehensive view of the health of your network – freeing up your people to focus on your core business. It monitors the availability of your network and alerts both Telstra and your business in the event that a threshold is breached. The Telstra service desk provides a single point of contact for incident management and recording of service requests.

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