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Managed Network Services

Fully managed network services to optimise productivity and control


Telstra’s fully managed and secure end-to-end network infrastructure and services empower your business to increase productivity and cost efficiencies. With our Managed Network Services (MNS) you’ll also gain greater control and visibility into your network and optimise your network environment. Designed to eliminate the hassle of building and maintaining your network on your own, MNS give you freedom to focus on your core business while leveraging the latest network technologies. Our MNS portfolio includes: Managed SD-WAN, Managed Router, Managed Switch, Managed Wi-Fi, Managed WAN Optimisation and Managed Firewall.

Features and benefits

Telstra Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) services

Through our global partnerships with various technology and hardware vendors, we provide one-stop-shop services that include procuring, shipping, installing and maintaining all the hardware across your global network.

Highly experienced global support and network analysis

Our service is delivered and managed by highly qualified and experienced staff who understand the importance of your network. In addition to our global help desk, we also provide onsite support governed by agreed service levels. Our subject matter experts can also provide network analysis reports in an ‘easy-to-understand’ business language rather than complex technical jargon that offer suggestions for capacity and bandwidth upgrades based on trends emerging in past months.

24 x 7 proactive service management

We will monitor and manage your network devices 24 x 7 on a proactive basis, as well as managing incidents and alarms, helping to ensure your applications run at optimum performance.

Online reporting capabilities

Using our online customer portal, you can get access to a number of network performance reports, providing insights into network availability, usage trends and performance. With these insights, CPE and performance issues can be quickly addressed. Our customer portal also enables effective self-service, allowing you to view ticket status, request pricing quotes, and receive detailed updates on the Telstra network – even on the go.

Focus on core business

Delivered and managed by highly qualified and experienced staff, Telstra’s MNS provides an end-to-end network management service, including network connectivity, proactive monitoring and management of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) as well as 24/7 support. This frees you from the need to spend time and resources on building and maintaining your network so you can focus on your core business instead.

Enjoy peace of mind with high availability and fast incident response

With our best practice processes and local support capabilities around the globe, you can be confident of an exceptional user experience that supports your people to deliver greater value to your business and customers. Service availability and incident response governed by stringent service levels gives you assurance of quick restoration.

Lower total cost of ownership

An OPEX-based service model helps you avoid hefty upfront capital investments, freeing up more resources for more critical areas of your business. With Telstra managing your network for you, you can greatly reduce expenditure on IT services and support, while existing IT manpower can focus on value-added activities rather than just delivering support and maintenance.

Future-proof your network environment

With Telstra MNS, you don’t need to worry about technology obsolescence and the need for ongoing technology refreshes. Telstra adopts the latest technologies, lowers the risk of deployment and future-proofs your network environment – providing greater protection with improved security and more robust infrastructure.



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