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Managed SD-WAN

Fully managed, optimised and secure end-to-end network infrastructure and services

Rapidly improve productivity and realise cost efficiencies
Optimal uptime and reliability wherever you need it most

Managed Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Securely expand your Wide Area Network without breaking the bank

The use of bandwidth intensive applications, increased adoption of cloud computing and data centre consolidation all place demands on a business’ Wide Area Network (WAN). Unfortunately, network budgets are struggling to keep pace with this demand. Internet connectivity provides a reliable and cost-effective solution but security must be carefully managed due to its public nature. Telstra’s Managed SD-WAN service lets you securely expand your WAN with Internet connectivity and dynamically route traffic for each business application through the best available path. WAN bandwidth and performance are increased and improved while costs are reduced.


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Becoming an Adaptive Networked Organisation

swdan promo smlIntelligent technology foundations can help every organisation achieve positive outcomes in this new business environment. Organisations born on digital platforms have an inherent advantage of flexibility and efficiency.
Download our white paper to discover:

  1. The new role Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) can play in achieving business goals
  2. The concept of an “adaptive networked organisation” and the benefits that such an approach brings
  3. A list of strategy and technology questions that every leader should ask of their own organisations so they can understand the scope for transformative change



Managed SD-WAN Datasheet

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