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Programmable Network

A new type of network that redefines how you deploy, consume, and adapt connectivity.

VNF Marketplace

Today’s digital enterprises rely on IT to be agile and responsive to change at the speed required by customers. Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) replace the need for physical hardware to be ordered, delivered and installed within your premise. Similar to Cloud Computing, VNFs virtualise network equipment by decoupling the hardware and the software, allowing you to consume only the service component and access it on demand.

VNF Marketplace is an online storefront within the Telstra Programmable Network portal which allows customers to buy VNFs from a range of vendors. These can be deployed according to your requirements for live and/or test environments, and be configured and managed in near real time.

After you select your choice of VNF, you can drag and connect them on the Programmable Network canvas to various endpoints such as your data centres and network. Once you have completed the initial settings, you can turn on the VNF and complete your deployment.

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VNF Marketplace Datasheet

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