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The Telstra Executive Team is proud to be part of one of the leading telecommunications and information services companies in the Asia Pacific region, providing business solutions to wholesale and enterprise customers globally.

Our experts combine decades of experience and work together to ensure Telstra can deliver the best solutions wherever you are, whenever you need them.

Meet the Telstra Executive Team members below.

Our new report looks at the profound impact of data analytics on how financial institutions service their customers. But the pace and intensity of technological change has caught many incumbents by surprise, creating a gap that is being exploited by new entrants. Access to data and the ability to effectively manage analytics will decide which financial institutions will prosper and which will be supplanted during this wave of transformation.

Download Analyse This, Predict That and:

  1.  Identify the major forces shaping digital competition and growth
  2. Find out how new players are using data to disrupt the financial services market
  3. Learn how data Analytics based experiences can alter consumer perceptions of customer experience
  4. Discover the technological considerations critical to compete in a data driven business environment

The Retail Supply Chain has been transformed in recent years by technology. This has allowed better collaboration between retailers and their supply chain partners resulting in unprecedented cost efficiencies and greater agility. However that connectedness which allowed these businesses to collaborate in the retail supply chain is available to consumers via their connected devices.

In this new research report we identify this new phenomenon which we call the Personal Supply Chain.

The Personal Supply Chain includes consumers as co-creators of value instead of mere receivers of value created by businesses. At its heart is the connected, engaged Omnichannel shopper – a person who is equally happy shopping online or in store, and wants to actively participate in the supply chain.

Download the report to find out the answers to these questions and more:

  1. The current status of the Omnichannel shopper in Australia
  2. What shoppers see as the biggest problems with the current retail supply chain and what they really want from it
  3. Which of these services are currently being delivered by businesses
  4. Which services shoppers are prepared to pay a premium for, or are prepared to collaborate on in return for a discount

Cloud, Unified Communications and Collaboration. These terms are nothing new to IT but have you ever stopped to think about the users of cloud – the human side of cloud? The impact future ways of working are having on your employees and end users?

With technology moving at such a rapid pace, understanding those at the other end of the technology is crucial to maximising your investment in new collaboration tools and cloud-based technologies.

We are pleased to share the release of this research report which looks at how Gen X and Y, their adoption of mobile technology and how they prefer to be identified. The research explores how the ‘trust’ paradigm has shifted from having them prove who they are, to being recognised for who they are. Both our identities and our consumption of financial services are now inextricably fused with our mobile device, which is why mobile identity is a critical issue and why this research is so timely.

Partner with Telstra today to grow your customer base, accelerate your profits and create demand for your brand into, out of, and throughout Asia. You can find the business model that fits you best in Telstra Partner Program, including referrals with residual agent commissions and partnership enabling you with enhanced operational capabilities.

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