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Connect and optimise the supply chain to create visibility, integrity, agility and competitive advantage

Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics industries are undergoing digital disruption driven by consumer demand for personalisation and the need to differentiate through services. Emerging technologies threaten to disrupt existing supply chain operations making it more important than ever for partners to connect to each other, their work and their customers. As your partner in innovation, Telstra can help keep you connected and provide your business with security and reliability. Telstra can also help to automate and keep your supply chain moving, reducing costs and improving processes along the way.


Create competitive disruption starting with end-to-end supply chain visibility by providing interoperability with your supply chain partners. Unlock opportunities to improve security and integrity, agility, sales, margins and asset efficiency. Automate warehouses and logistics to boost efficiency, increase safety and improve visibility.

Drive your mobile strategy forward

Kony empowers your business to quickly design, build, deploy, and manage innovative mobile apps that provide asset tracking and also increased agility and visibility across the entire supply chain. The end-to-end mobile enterprise application employs an open-standards architecture, allowing you to deploy and run apps across multiple devices, operating systems and deployment modes.

  • Reduce app development time and support costs with developers able to build or modify an app once and deliver it across multiple devices and operating systems
  • Speed time to market with Kony’s accelerated app design process
  • Deliver secure access to critical applications with mobile device management

Telstra’s PEN Platform empowers you to build on demand high-performance networks with the flexibility and scalability you need to bridge hybrid cloud deployments. Cost-effective and reliable, PEN is also pioneering the way with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) globally to allow your business to self-provision dynamic network services. It’s the ideal platform if you want a networking solution that will evolve with your business and provide partners and distributors with secure, on-demand access to your applications and services.

  • Extend your organisation’s private IT environment to major cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Dynamically allocate and scale bandwidth to support demand for your business applications and improve the user experience

Optimise your IT infrastructure and empower your business to thrive

With Telstra Consulting Services get expert advice to define and deliver a strategy and roadmap to success. We’ll help your business take the next leap forward with expert business and technology consulting and best practice methodologies.

  • Optimise your network and streamline processes to improve flexibility and productivity
  • Deliver your program goals on time and in the most cost-efficient way with our Program and Project Management consulting services
  • Maximise your security investments and protect your business against increasingly complex threats

Workplace safety and compliance remain a key focus for Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics. Effective monitoring of compliance and safety standards across the value chain is critical. There’s also a need to exceed compliance with regards to areas such as fatigue management, speed management and safe loading.

Get your business talking with Whispir, a leading conversation and messaging platform for business-critical communications. Connect with stakeholders in new and innovative ways, boosting engagement, improving processes and increasing automation. With Whispir you can communicate to individuals or targeted stakeholder groups across multiple devices or geographies with communications delivered over Telstra’s networks as a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

  • Facilitate deeper engagement and integration amongst stakeholders including insurers and distributors
  • Enhance business processes and streamline your communications to improve productivity
  • Target and optimise your messaging with personalised, relevant, location-aware communications

Digital transaction management for the agile enterprise

DocuSign helps your business thrive by bringing inefficient manual processes into the digital future. A leading eSignature and digital transaction management solution, DocuSign accelerates transaction times for faster results. It helps tackle your excess paper problems to reduce costs and gain greater visibility and control.

  • Execute documents anytime, anywhere and from any device
  • Ensure maximum security with DocuSign’s non-repudiation audit trail, bank-level encryption, tamper-proof certificates, chain of custody and multi-factor authentication

Improve productivity and reduce communication costs

Telstra Cloud Collaboration empowers your business to perform as one by matching people with the tools they need to collaborate more easily and work more productively. With access to the latest collaboration applications from device wide range of devices, your workforce can connect in near real-time and innovate faster. Workforce mobility and outcomes are improved, helping your business to thrive. Services are delivered from the cloud under a simple per-user-per-month service model. You can easily scale your services as your business grows and not worry about the costs and complexity of managing a premises-based solution.

  • Choose from a full suite of collaboration tools such as integrated voice, video and presence to suit your workforce and customer needs
  • Match collaboration tools to employee working patterns by choosing features and functionalities from six different worker types
  • Empower mobile workers and enhance collaboration across time zones and functional boundaries

Capacity to innovate while managing costs

Globally, Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics businesses are under pressure to manage costs and improve margins. Technology and innovation are key enablers to building new business models in order to differentiate your products and services from the competition. One challenge is how to extract maximum benefit from the huge amount of data being collected as a result of digitisation. Predictive analytics can help but businesses need the underlying infrastructure to support the collection and analysis of big data.

Telstra’s fully managed and secure end-to-end network infrastructure and services empower your business to increase productivity and cost efficiencies. With our Managed Network Services (MNS) you’ll also have control and visibility into your network and help future-proof your network environment.

  • Design, operate and manage wireless networks across all your premises, including warehouses and distribution centres with guaranteed quality of service
  • Lower your total costs of ownership with an OPEX-based service model
  • Future-proof your network environment while reducing risk when rolling out new technologies

Hosting data servers on premise can be a headache with high running costs as well as security and maintenance to worry about. Telstra Colocation removes these pain points so you can focus on running your business. With Telstra Colocation, your data is hosted in our secure data centres which operate in 14 countries across Asia, Australia, US and Europe and comply with international data centre standards.

  • Keep your applications close to your users in key global markets so they can enjoy a better experience
  • Improve operational efficiencies and lower infrastructure costs
  • Reduce total costs of ownership while keeping your mission critical infrastructure secure and connected

Telstra’s wide range of cloud services empowers you with the network and computing resources to collect and store big data. It also enables you to perform data analysis in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost as compared to building and maintaining your own IT infrastructure.

  • Build a flexible cloud solution that scales to meet the needs of your business. Choose from virtual or dedicated servers – or combine them to create a hybrid hosting environment
  • Be confident your data is secure with our robust cloud platform supported by industry-standard hardware and software-based firewalls and remote access security

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