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Data Centre Interconnect (DCI)


Connect on demand to a global network of private and public clouds. Data Centre Interconnect, powered by Telstra’s Programmable Network, lets you connect on-demand to multiple, enabled data centres across the world.

Data Centre Interconnect gives you the freedom to move between selected data centres while having greater flexibility and scalability. This means you can be more agile and efficient in the way you manage cloud, critical applications and business continuity. It’s ideal if you rely on private or public cloud environments, transfer large amounts of data or have significant data replication or back up requirements.

Data Centre Interconnect uses OpenFlow based SDN controller to ensure complete separation of control and network data flows.

For businesses registered in Australia, click here to find out more.

Benefits and features

Open up your business to the world

Connect at will to enabled data centres across the globe – quickly, easily and securely.  Scale your services up or down as needed to support your data centre operations across international markets.

Adopt a flexible approach to connectivity

Configure your entire service in minutes via a self-service portal. Use on-demand bandwidth bursting and only pay for what you need. With faster, flexible provisioning, you can respond quickly to changes in your business and the market.

You can also select latency option for your flow to ensure that your critical data meets the latency requirements.

Depend on safe, reliable connectivity

Have the assurance of a highly available, self-healing network with no single point of failure. This helps to ensure a reliable connection regardless of data centre locations.

Data Centre Interconnect is part of Telstra OS and Programmable Networks portal. This means that upcoming Telstra virtual network services and other SDN products will be able to simply work together.

You can also use the same portal to configure bandwidth bursts and service assurance.

Global reach

Ethernet based point-to-point connectivity to 32 data centres in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Japan, UK and USA.


Select any bandwidth ranging from 1Mbps to 10Gbps in 1Mbps increments.

Through Global Exchange in the Programmable Network portal, extend your organisation’s private IT environment by connecting to world leading public cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other content providers. We provide consistent network performance and security through our Programmable Network, enabling you to integrate seamlessly with public cloud providers and create a true hybrid cloud solution.



Other Solutions

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