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London Hosting Centre (LHC)

Secure, reliable and cloud connected co-location services at our London Hosting Centre


Cloud Computing (both public and private clouds) has emerged as a vital component of organisations’ IT setup alongside their traditional infrastructure. It is important that your data centre is able to bridge the gap between your IT infrastructure and Cloud Computing. Telstra’s London Hosting Centre is a cloud enabled and connected data centre that allows you to securely connect your hosted environment to public clouds such as Amazon Web Services or our Cloud Infrastructure through our software defined network. The best way to experience it is to see it for yourself. Request for a data centre tour today.”

Benefits and features

Carrier neutral facility

As a colocation service provider, our data centres are connected to major international and domestic carriers so that you are able to host your equipment and connect to your headquarters or branch offices through your preferred carrier.

SDN enabled

Telstra’s PEN platform leverages Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology  to deliver scalable bandwidth between LHC and other PEN connected data centres. The PEN platform is also currently connected to cloud service provider, Amazon Web Services, to give you a secure, direct and scalable connection to your workloads in the public cloud. Network functions such as routers and firewalls can also be provisioned virtually through PEN quickly.

Cloud connected and enabled data centre

Besides being connected to Amazon Web Services, our Cloud Infrastructure is also hosted within our LHC facility. As you run your private cloud / converged infrastructure within LHC, you are able to use a choice of Amazon Web Services or our Cloud Infrastructure as a backup location for your data and scale your bandwidth with our software defined network, PEN.

Nine storey building with over 114,000ft2 of data centre space, with capacity to host over 1,800 IT racks

Received certification for ISO 27001: Information Security Management Standards

External perimeter fencing patrolled and secured by a team of security guards with 24x7 CCTV recording

Fire detection and suppression systems in place with doors and partitions able to withstand fire up to 1 hour

UPS setup in N+1 redundancy configuration with 8 diesel powered generators also in N+1 redundancy configuration

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