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Global Internet

High performance for your global internet traffic


Low quality internet connectivity means potential loss of business. Get the performance you need with Telstra’s Global Internet. You’ll benefit from highly robust global connectivity, competitive pricing and outstanding support. The service is ideal for fixed and mobile broadband providers, content network providers, cloud-based service providers and large enterprise customers.

Benefits and features

High performance and efficiency

Consolidate your services with Telstra to minimise complexity and maximise efficiency. We’ll help you streamline access management to multiple global locations by providing dedicated connectivity, a wide variety of DSL speeds and Ethernet connection speeds up to 10Gbps. With multiple routing options you’ll also experience low latency and optimised performance for your business demands.

Flexibility to extend your reach

Telstra Global Internet empowers your business to extend your reach even further. Our international peering arrangements minimise the total number of data hops required to reach a destination. Flexibility and scalability are enhanced with access to over 100Gbps of private peering across Asia, over 300Gbps in the US and more than 100Gbps in major network access points around the world.

A quality experience for users

Get the assurance that comes with a diverse and redundant network. Our cable systems span over 400,000kms and integrate multiple landing points and core router sites to ensure resilient performance. We’re committed to delivering a quality user experience and offer 24/7 multi-lingual customer service, a customer performance management portal and a strong focus on service level agreements. This experience is backed by our consistent network architecture and IP backbone diversity.

Balanced capacity, capability and costs

Find the right balance of capacity, capability and costs to help your business thrive. Global Internet expands your options by enabling cost-effective and secure access for remote sites joining into an IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) or acting as an integrated VPN backup.


With DoSP, DDoS attacks are filtered before they even reach your network. It allows you to monitor from a portal and protect against DDoS.

Extensive IP backbone coverage

Achieved through Telstra’s private and consortium cable capacity across Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas and Middle East.

Strong domestic and international peering

Ensures short hop connectivity to global content and users.

Low latency traffic routing into China

An Internet Gateway into China through our bilateral peering links across the HK/Mainland border to the Chinese carriers.

Online monitoring and reporting

Access to Performance reports for International and Domestic (Australia) service through respective portals that enables you to monitor your global traffic

Service levels

Provides you with targets and rebate options based on service delivery, availability and Round Trip Delay (RTD) for our Standard and GID Economy Service. Standard GID Service also includes Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR) and Mean Time to Restore (MTTR) SLAs.



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